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Protect your expensive binoculars from abuse and weather!

Binoculars can be an expensive investment--not to mention the sentimental value they may have! The clumsy, cardboard cases that came with the new binoculars simply do not work out in the field.

BinoGuard© is the answer! Made of durable, lightweight neoprene, they protect your binoculars from brush, dirt, moisture, and more. Your binocular strap is laced through the BinoGuard© . The Binoguard© wraps securely around your binoculars.

When you are ready to use your binoculars, the BinoGuard© opens simply, easily, and quietly. The Binoguard© slides down your strap and out of the way, but stays connected and does not get lost. Hassle free, the BinoGuard© is the best protection for your binoculars!